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Do you love playing Mobile Games like we do? Well it sounds like this website is just great for you! Wild West is a stunning setting, isnt it?

All About Us

We started playing Mobile Games at the first iPod Touch and still play them in 2021. The first game we played for a long time was Six Guns (Created 2011). It had an amazing Open World with great and diffrent storys. It started at 2011 with a simple story mode. But it was about to get big.

Well our first youtube channel was more like a test channel. We didnt knew what we should record or in which direction our journey will bring us. We discovered something called "Cydia" on our iPhones, that Application is more known as Jailbreak. With this new method and chance to modify even the littlest detail of our phone we started to modify games and applications. From modifying our wifi or just change little things in games, everything faszinated us. Everything unlimmited on your story sounds very funny right? Yess and modifying a multiplayer is absolutley insane! We then created videos about how to modify nearly any game. 

The videos were more like fun to do and got 100 up to 1000 views in max. We still werent sure where it would take us. In 2012 the mobile game "Six Guns" launched its multiplayer and we loved to play it. With the big updates at 2014 we created our next channel called "Six Guns TV" and the first video got 1200 views instantly. We were on fire and created more serious gameplays with better thumbnails at youtube. It got bigger and bigger and we created a video to nearly anything in the game. From a weapon showcase to the smallest glitch we had anything. The total views grow to over 3`000`000 views, it was amazing.


In 2020 we started with our programming journey and created our first game. For the next capture wait and follow us ;)


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